A Beginner’s Guide to Healthy Meal Prep – Health Essentials

hatha yoga for beginners hi I’m Ymc and I begin lying on your back with your knees bent this video will help you begin the practice of yoga which reduces your stress increases your flexibility and gives you long lean muscles with a regular practice you will look and feel great,

take your hands to your belly and inhale through your nose filling the belly now exhale also through the nose if you can’t and then this time inhale through the nose exhale out of your mouth as if you’re fogging a mirror then once again inhale through the nose exhale like you’re fogging the mirror,

half way through close your mouth feel that slight constriction in the back of your throat see if you can keep it as you breathe in and out through the nose slide your hands to your ribcage inhale fill your belly with breath and then expand through the ribcage and the upper back and then exhale ribcage and then Mele so just kind of deepen your breath so once again inhale this time bringing hands to shoulders fill your belly and your low back your ribcage all,

A Beginner’s Guide to Healthy Meal Prep – Health Essentials

the way around keep inhaling up to your chest and your upper back if you can and then begin exhaling starting with the chest and upper back and then the ribcage and then the belly and do that once again now don’t worry if your boo Jai breath that slight constriction in the back of the throat isn’t working yet just do the best that you can the most important thing is to just keep breathing release your hands by your sides and extend your legs out onto your mat straight lengthen your sitting bones toward the backs of your knees and just let your feet flop open for a moment,

you close your eyes as you’re here begin to notice the natural curves of your spine so you’ll notice the top of your hips touch the earth but your lower back gently lifts your upper back touches but the back of your neck lifts away now flex your ankles and point your toes to the sky firming your legs keep your heels pressing down bring your arms ,

by your sides as you inhale start to lift your arms up to the sky and then exhale take them by the ears if they will but see if you can do that without letting your ribcage pop up toward the sky and without your lower back lifting too much and inhale arms back by your sides exhale so I’ll do this again inhale reach the arms up toward the sky exhale reach them by the ears now they might not make it by the ears without your ribs lifting up in your low back arching and if that’s the case don’t take them all the way and I’ll take them up and back down inhale again reaching the arms up toward the sky exhale take them by the ears as much as you can comfortably without,


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