Food as Fuel Before, During and After Workouts

all of these poses are good for your body come back to Center knees bent now roll yourself onto your right side press your left hand onto the earth and press yourself up with the left and then the right hand letting your head come up last it’s a very safe way to come to seat it and then take your feet off to one side so you can roll forward and make your way into table pose so we’re going to practice keeping those natural curves of the spine that we practiced earlier so let yourself let your belly just kind of hang down toward the floor and then press it away from the earth and pull the belly in so now your spine is neutral extend your right leg back with the right toes on the earth you can,

stay there or you can lift your right leg straight up but make sure your right toes points straight down to the earth that right hip is gonna want to lift up but that is not as good for your back so you want to keep that outer right hip even with the left release keep your ribcage drawing in and your belly to help keep those natural curves extend your left leg back tucking the toes under foot on the floor and you can stay right there or start to lift it up pointing the toes straight to the earth but make sure your back isn’t arching it’s going to want you and your left hips gonna want,

Food as Fuel Before

to lift up too so drop your outer left hip down keeping your hips level I should breathe here and release it back to table wrists under shoulders knees under hips and now take your hips back to your heels for child’s pose they might go all the way back to the heels or they might stay up in the air either way it is fine rest your head on your hands and just breathe,

relax inhale back into table wrists under shoulders knees under hips right leg back tuck the toes under leave the foot on the floor or lift it up with the toes pointed down and then option to add your left arm reaching forward and balancing,

During and After Workouts

and I really pay attention now to your low belly pulling in and your ribcage pulling in and keeping your hips level and release and then went to the left side so inhale left leg toes tucked under foot on the floor you can leave it there or lift it up dropping the outer left hip down and extend your right arm forward or not leave the right hand down today breathe relax around the neck and pull the ribs and belly in and up and then let it go back to table and then we’ll go back to OCAD cattle inhale bring your chest forward now you can let your back arch and lift your tailbone,

and then as you exhale press away from the earth rounding the back chin toward chest and again inhale bring your chest forward gently look up lifting your tailbone up as you exhale pressing away from the earth chin toward chest tucking the tailbone down and inhale widen across your collarbones gently look up soften around the neck exhale pull the ribs in belly in strongly rounding the back come to neutral your neutral spine and then we’ll take child’s pose again so remember you can keep your hips up in the air if that works better for you or if your hips will go down to your heels do that tell let your head rest on your hams or you could rest it on the map now reach arms forward and spread your fingers make sure your arms our,

Food as Fuel Before, During and After Workouts

shoulders distance apart and elbows straight press into the base of the fingers and lift the forearms,

come on to the hands and knees and now step your right foot up by your right hand you can give it a little help with your hands and then bring your hands onto just above your right knee now if your left knee needs padding grab a pillow or a blanket and put it,

underneath and start to sink forward any amount and then inhale at the if it’s hard to bring the arms by the ears then keep them wide but dostraighten out your elbows lengthen your sitting bones toward the earth and pull in your belly as you draw that right hip back release your hands and take your knee back to table she inhale you’ll step your left foot up by the left hand make sure to pad up that right knee if it has any discomfort pulling the left hip back,

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draw your belly in as you sink forward and inhale sweep your arms out around and up keep them wide or closer together shoulders distance apart but then relax a little around the neck and I want you to your elbows straight as you reach up because if you don’t eventually they won’t straighten release your hands,

I’m keeping the right knee bent bend them both again extend through the right leg now exhale extend through the left leg inhale bending both knees and return your knees to the earth Child’s Pose hips can be back by the heels or up rest your head on your hands relax breathe inhales and exhales equal in length reach arms forward again shoulders distance apart were a little bit wider come on to the knees turn the inner elbows gently forward and stretch back with knees bent so stretch out your back and then walk your hands as wide as the mat if your wrists bother you turn your fingertips to face the outsides of the mat and then just bend one knee and the other bicycle the legs and if it feels like it’s possible for you then,


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