Hatha Yoga For Beginners

hopefully we’ll be providing care for you in some capacity and finally just to summarize things you know it’s also a good time at that point to explore the you know cost of prenatal care if you want or interested in your insurance coverage or your co-pays that’s a good time at the first visit to review that with the front desk staff as well as practices that promote safe health for pregnancy but also just throughout including use of seatbelts and in particular dental care for pregnant women is pregnancy and then what type of educational programs are available in,

additional services for example do you have a nutritionist or dietitian is there an exercise program are there available studies that you know patients may participate in if they’re interested for exercise for example or for a different variety of things so a typical pregnancy is generally 280 days or 40 weeks and just to be aware that that does count from the first day of your last menstrual period so that goes all the way back there again another reason why the LMP is important to track and it’s divided into three trimesters and the first trimester is about from 0 to 13 weeks second trimester from 14 to 27 weeks and third trimester from 28 to term,

Hatha Yoga For Beginners

so the frequency of prenatal visits obviously is dependent upon the,

trimester that you are in so generally in the first trimester until the 28th week we see usually patients every four weeks unless there’s a complication that needs more detailed go over some of the things that are routinely experienced in the first trimester although these are mentioned here we still want you to report them to your physician but this is a bit of a reassurance to let you know that these things are common so if you are experiencing them it is not atypical so in the first trimester generally there’s nausea and vomiting fatigue maybe experience,

definitely breast tenderness or constipation and as the second trimester comes along there’s possibly skin changes hyperpigmentation or darkening of certain moles or other skin areas and especially in the face or a vertical line down the abdomen in the midline which is called a Linea nigra stretch marks obviously increase sense of shortness of breath due to the physiologic changes that are going on with a gravity uterus increasing there’s also that infamous broad ligament pain where women will have a stretching sensation on the lateral aspects of their abdomen or uterus and it really is the suspensory ligaments that are holding up the uterus that are starting to stretch as the uterus is becoming larger and of course unfortunately varicose veins also may be more,


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