Hatha Yoga Poses for Beginners

keep the right toes nice and bright fingertips to the earth couple cycles of breath here breathing deep so depending where you are in your body and in your energy level and your mood or we have of course people from all over the world packing this you practicing this with us you can stay here if there’s an arm balance here in your practice maybe you work towards that too far over the front of my mat here maybe it’s a toast and breathing deep so the most important thing is that you stay really present in your body with your breath,

if you’re in a variation take one more big inhale and then use your exhale to meet us all the way back all the way up here standing lifting right knee up towards the chest lift lift lift lift and then exhale to release Mountain Pose don’t look down keep your awareness your focus your gaze out nice and front then again don’t look down so just put your awareness your eyeballs on the soles of your feet and bring the feet together really together and here you go again shifting the weight to the right foot deep breath in and slowly release the fingertips down open your palms Mountain Pose keep breathing,

Hatha Yoga Poses for Beginners

enjoy this time with your body with your breath as you’re ready shift the weight to the right foot,

and slowly begin to peel the left leg up high fire up your core big breath in lift up from the armpit chest nice long beautiful neck and here we go slowly setting it out warrior 3 it’s checking in on this side working it out balancing the right and the left side of the body lift the front body up to meet the back buddy draw the navel in and up after you’ve taken a couple breaths to go through your checklist find a flow so you inhale in here lift the left inner thigh up exhale slowly lift the left knee up towards your chest inhale to expand and fly exhale the real it all in inhale open,

flying soar look forward exhale bring it in let’s do one more try to create a full body experience here lift the corners of the mouth slightly go way beyond the physical body connect to your energetic body and then reel it in I’ll cross the left ankle over the right inhale and lift the chest and exhale all the way down and forward awesome you’re doing great breathe deep stick with it if this is challenging for you meet your appropriate edge keep the toes bright the shoulders relaxed breaths nice and full so for the variations on this side you can just stay in the forward fold if you want to try that arm balance you plant the palms you create space in the shoulders lots of stability and you create a little shelf here with your forearms as you look forward you just Rock front and back maybe you lift,


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