Hatha Yoga Poses for Beginners

make sure you’re breathing nice long smooth deep breaths maybe for the last cycle you work to bring the hands behind the leg here the calf,

and then slowly from your center bring that right knee in squeeze it in squeezing and squeeze it in and then shoot it out nice low lunge step it lightly and then open the chest inhale open the shoulders feel that big stretch in the front of the right hip crease and then exhale plant the palms step the left toes back and the vinyasa belly to Cobra or chaturanga to updog feel the front body lengthen as you open the chest and then exhale contract and send it up and back downward facing dog deep breath in Long breath out beautiful ragdoll so step the right foot up behind the right hand left foot up behind the left hand feet nice and wide and the big inhale lifts you up halfway exhale to fold interlace the fingertips behind you’re gonna bend the elbows left to right lift the toes up for just a breath inhale to,

find length and then exhale to draw your nose towards your navel so you can bend the knees as generously as you need here otherwise we’ll work to straighten the legs and elbows left to right really pressing into all four corners of the feet listen to the sound of your breath one more cycle and then release tuck the chin then the knees so much so,

Hatha Yoga Poses for Beginners

that your belly comes to the tops of the thighs and slowly roll it up take your time imagine tearing your yoga mat in half here so you’re really pressing into the feet engaging the legs we’re pressing almost just imagining the yoga mat tearing in the middle as we lift lift lift lift lift strong legs strong legs lift the chest open the heart open the palms Mountain Pose without looking down slowly bring the feet together really together deep breath in Long breath out,

slowly shift your weight to your left foot and inhale lift the right knee up high exhale send the right toes out warrior three airplane arms right toes out fingertips reach out crown of the head forward here we go big breath in here the front body up to meet back body open the chest spread the fingers exhale contract navel to spine knees excuse me right knee lifts up and then you can take a little open palm here you can also bring the hands together when you lift,

up here all right here we go inhale send the fingertips out right toes out crown of the head forward and exhale right knee comes in let’s bring the hands together and how fine that expansion exhale right knee comes into squeeze and lift crown reaches up palms together one more time big inhale nice and slow draw the navel up to meet the spine tuck the chin into the chest breathe in exhale rounding through cross right ankle over the top of the left thigh inhale lift the sternum to the thumb and exhale forward fold,


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