Hatha Yoga Sequences – Foundational Sequences for Yoga

Anker the right heel and inhale lift the left leg up high cloth through the fingertips so again go ahead and stay nice and square with me here my friends so turn the left toes down down down anchor through your right heel so left pinky toe is really turning towards the Earth and here we go baby pulses with the left heel baby pulses up and down so firing up through the lower belly firing up through the glutes deep stretch in the back of the right leg of course and we’re opening through the shoulders here elbow creases towards the front link through the crown connect to your fire in that belly connecting to that warmth so don’t resist it just lean in so plug into what’s coming up basically,

don’t resist plug in we’re here four five four three two slowly release on the one step the left foot up high pyramid posture so turn the right toes out just take a second to get situated in your body pull that left hip crease up and in reconnect with your breath and on your next inhale find length so actively lengthen through the crown and then exhale fold,

Hatha Yoga Sequences – Foundational Sequences for Yoga

well more just like that big inhale to lengthen and exhale to fold now whatever variation you took on the other side give it a try on this side so if it was interlacing the fingertips,

maybe clasping opposite elbow or versa namaste is always an option here breathing deep or maybe fingertips stay on the earth or maybe the palms come to cradle the left calf here how’s he drawn the nose in squeezing your thighs towards them in line you got this so we’re creating stability around the building strength and working on flexibility the most important thing and the true true value of yoga in my opinion is marrying the breath to the experience ,

letting it come out of that relationship with your breath which is what we need to perform as a dancer to be present joyful connect the emotional body and the physical body unite them as one nice work slowly release the fingertips to the earth you’re going to shift your left knee and from in line with your left ankle lift the right heel up here we go inhale in exhale lift from the right inner thigh first so take your course drink with you really move from your center here turn the right toes down and then from here we can start to open up as feels good or maybe you keep working on this nice square opening and maybe it’s a dance of the two,


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