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patients seem to ask you know why is it so important so DHA is one of the omega-3 long-chain fatty acids and there has been some studies that show that there’s some modest benefit to the promotion of visual as well as cognitive development in the fetus so generally a recommendation about 2 to 300 milligrams daily is made now you can obtain that through consumption of fish that is low in mercury and we’ll discuss that a little bit later or supplement,

it through your prenatal vitamins as well so generally you want about 2 to 300 milligrams daily now next would be to track your menstrual period and to arrange your preconception appointment with your provider and that may be anyone such as a primary care physician wee GYN nurse practitioner or certified nurse midwife and in that appointment you can certainly talk about not only your pre-existing medical conditions preparing yourself for pregnancy but also things such as updating your immunizations which is very important during the pregnancy period as well things like your measles mumps and rubella vaccine and your varicella vaccine are important to obtain prior to your prenatal care in case you are not immune and that generally if you are going to be vaccinated,

you want to avoid pregnancy for about a month thereafter other things that you want to update your immunizations on would be the influenza the Tdap or the tetanus diphtheria and acellular pertussis which is pretty big right now and given the pertussis outbreaks in California that occurred about a year to two years ago and hepatitis B is needed now these vaccines are safe in pregnancy but during a preconception period if you want to start the series it’s always beneficial to begin and become immunized prior to conceiving and so finally you know why is it so important to keep track of that last menstrual period well that’s one of the,

Suede’s we actually date and give you a due date for your pregnancy so a lot of people you know it doesn’t it’s not very intuitive however the first day of your last menstrual period is the day that your cycle begins basically and generally so we use that as the first day of your cycle and two weeks,


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