Health and Fitness Tips for Women

pregnancy we’re gonna first start off with preconception issues and then move forward to discussing what to expect in your first prenatal visit followed by what to expect in the first second and third trimesters and then specifically address counseling issues pertaining to nutrition and weight gain work exercise travel and some other issues associated with pregnancy so preconception is a very important time and preparing for pregnancy has many things to consider to start off with optimizing one’s,

pre-existing medical conditions is extremely important so that means things such as medical complications like diabetes high blood pressure or,

hypertension seizure disorder all of those are very much aimed at helping to optimize them prior to initiation of your pregnancy,

next we hope to aim for an ideal body weight or close to it with a normal body mass index and then finally promoting a really healthy lifestyle not only with diet but also avoiding substances such as tobacco drugs and alcohol is always helpful especially in the organogenesis or organ development period during pregnancy and finally consulting with your physician is very important regarding a variety of issues including medication safety so there are many medications that we try to avoid in pregnancy including things like accutane ACE inhibitors which are used to treat high blood pressure,

lithium which may be used to treat seizure disorders for example you also want to avoid multivitamins with a high dosage of vitamin A especially over ten thousand international units per day in that these levels have been associated with birth defects in particular neural tube defects or spina bifida for example next choosing a prenatal vitamin obviously is very important for many couples in all reality many prenatal vitamins are wonderfully,

sufficient things to keep in mind would be folic acid generally we need about 400 to 800 micrograms of folic acid daily and you generally want to initiate that a month prior to your conception attempts and certainly to continue during this two to three months into the pregnancy and after conception thereafter about 600 micrograms daily is needed and many of that or much of that can be attained through nutrition but supplementing it will always ensure that you have the sufficient amount next you know DHA has played a big role lately in the news,


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