How to Eat Healthy for Beginners | Healthy Diet for Runners

toes maybe the toe stand is there variation you choose or maybe you just stay put here and take one more cycle of breath and slowly bring the hands together and take your time as you rise all the way back up we’ll bring the left knee all the way up to the chest squeeze and lift squeeze and lift press down through your right foot and then slowly release everything Mountain Pose open the hands out lift the chest up inhaling deeply and exhale to relax your shoulders and draw the belly in without looking down nice and slow you’re going to open the legs wide turn the toes is why does your yoga mat here let them spill off the edge then inhale imagine this upward current of energy,

through the front body grounding through the back body so lengthen tailbone down then inhale hands come together and exhale nice and slow as if you were sliding down a wall so you’re gonna move nice and slow here coming all the way down into malasana or your version of a yogi squat so take your time slide down down down when you get there if the heels come up no problem if you have to adjust your feet no problem I’ll bring the outer edges of the arms to the inner thighs inner knee will create a little resistance here as we squeeze the legs and towards,

How to Eat Healthy for Beginners | Healthy Diet for Runners

the arms and press the arms out towards the legs use this energy here to find more length through the torso nice long beautiful neck lots of length lifting up through the crown take a deep breath in then try to keep the outer edges of the feet firmly planted as you release the fingertips forward and then inhale just press up just a bit we’re here for five four so you’re not dropping down here three two and with control with grace on the one fingertips come behind you we lift the toes first and then slowly come to a seat now bring the feet in front we’re going to windshield wiper the legs so ninety ninety so just take the knees over to one side to ninety degree angles here and find a little lift through the chest and then to the other side ninety ninety lift the chest breathe,

and then lift it back up soles of the feet come together we open the knees wide open the feet like a book here let that thighs grow heavy inhale to lift the heart find soft easy movement in the neck and stay here lift it or on an exhale contract navel to spine and slowly send your heart forward pull the elbows left to right a bit here and look forward as if you were looking like off into a pond so give yourself a little image here inhale in exhale tops of the thighs grow,

How to Eat Healthy for Beginners

heavier and ground down slowly release awesome work we’ll come to lie flat on our back take your time when you get there hug the knees up to the chest take a deep breath in inhale lots of love in and exhale lots of love out peel the nose up towards the knees inhale exhale maybe you grab the outer edges of the feet create more space with every breath in and soften with every breath out happy baby pose,

nice and slow you’ll lower the head the neck the shoulder you’ll take the soles of the feet up high and bring your elbows in and open the knees out wide take any soft easy movement here that feels good maybe straightening one leg and then,

we’ll release everything extending the legs out long

wiggling the fingers wiggling the toes bringing the arms to rest gently at your sides when you’re ready find stillness take a deep breath in smile exhale close your eyes and relax everything for just a moment here take a second to just take stock give thanks for your body if you have something that’s in the healing process trust the divine timing in that of that,

and slowly without looking bring your index finger and thumb together to touch little mudra and the hands here take a deep breath in exhale thank you so much for sharing your time and your energy with me please share this video with anyone who you think it might be useful for take good care of your body but also your mind and your heart space as well before it’s all connected I’ll see you,


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