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thereafter most women who have 28-day cycles will then ovulate and that’ll be the time of conception and thereafter we use those dates to give you an estimated due date so your first prenatal visit can be actually conducted with a variety of health care providers you know you can start off with a general OBGYN or if your family practice physician conducts obstetric care you can also continue with your family care provider other people who may provide OB care include certified nurse midwives as well as nurse practitioners and we do have certain providers and a variety of providers in this area meeting all of these requirements of course the perinatologist or maternal fetal medicine physician is also a person who is a specialist for complicated,

pregnancies and at our center we have an MFM service that not only serves as a consultant but also as your primary care obstetrician so if you do have any high-risk complications you can either be referred for a one-time consult and thereafter the doctor will help care for your pregnancy along with your general OBGYN or people may choose to be transferred completely to our care and so that’s an option as well here other things to think about are the type of practice so we have private practice which generally is a multi person group as well as university service or HMO and in terms of the university service the thing to keep in mind is that it is a teaching institution so there are groups of people that will help provide care for you I think they’re all wonderful including the attendants fellows residents but in additionally there’s also the medical student component too that’s involved and all through,

excellent supervision so you get to be a part of a multidisciplinary team and generally what we aim for is to help establish your care with your OB clinic by about eight,

ten weeks so that means you call you set up your appointment generally you go in and have your laboratory values drawn and meet with the nurse for your first time visit and then by 10 to 12 weeks you want to have your first visit with your doctor or your clinician so as this little guy will show you here who doesn’t look too exciting,


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