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I want to welcome you all to our presentation this evening under your child’s health University here at Packard Children’s Hospital I’m Nancy Sanchez from Community Relations and we’re very excited about this evening this healthy pregnancy 101 class that is being presented to you it’s it’s a great pleasure for me to introduce dr. Natalie aziz to you she’s a clinical assistant professor in obstetrics and gynecology and maternal fetal medicine at the Stanford School of Medicine and Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital dr. Zee’s actually attended Stanford School of Medicine and she did her internship and residency at Stanford as well as the fellowship at UCSF,

she’s board-certified in both ob/gyn and maternal fetal medicine has published research on many pregnancy related topics and has developed the curriculum for this healthy pregnancy 101 class,

which you’re about to enjoy and I will want to mention to you that because we’re videotaping and we will have this posted on on the web we will not be recording your questions we’d like to save your questions for the end if you would there are little cards if you want to jot down things to remember to ask z so that we don’t catch you or your questions for privacy reasons in during the during the lecture so it’s my great pleasure as I mentioned to introduce tonight dr. Natalie Z’s thanks for coming and sharing with us thank you so much for that kind,

introduction and thank you thank you so much for coming and good evening it is an absolute joy and pleasure to be here today to discuss with you what a patient along with her physician can do and steps that she can take to help ensure a very optimal prenatal care both prior to and during her pregnancy and this is a philosophy that’s deeply embedded in our Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital philosophy and mission and as we strive every single day to provide the best obstetric and pediatric care for our patients so with that being said thank you and we’ll get started and just as a reminder I will be happy to stay and answer any and all questions that you may have at the end of the program so thanks so today we’ll be discussing a ride wide variety of topics pertaining ,


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