What to Expect From a Hatha Yoga Class

what’s up everyone and welcome to yoga with Adriene I’m Adriene today we have yoga for dancers this is a big request but it’s not just for professional dancers or dancers in training this is for everybody this is a really nice blend of fire and grace building strength but also increasing flexibility with that loving yoga connection right conscious breath joy a kindness

so hop into something company and let’s get to it

all right my friends let’s begin standing at the top of the mat feet together really together lift up through the front body ground down through the back body draw your hands together at your heart and just begin to feel your feet on the earth deepen your breath relax your shoulders and lengthen up through the crown let’s make the most of our time here together moving with nice conscious breath take a second here to just set an intention something positive that will serve you in the present moment here as you ground

then we’ll gently bow the head to the heart chin to chest feel that deep stretch in the back of the neck right away and then slowly release the fingertips to the ground and inhale reach for the sky big stretch here’s the exhale rain it down and forward,

What to Expect From a Hatha Yoga Class

what’s up Benji inhale lift up halfway fine length through the crown and then let’s go ahead and pull the elbows back long beautiful neck here exhale soften in a fold take a couple breaths here and the knees as generously as you need let any stress or tension you’ve been carrying just drop melt off the

shoulders release and let go and then release and we’ll bring the hands to the earth step the right foot back step the left foot back strong plank pose take a couple breaths here

Rock front

rock back and then slowly lower all the way to the belly cobra pose inhale and exhale to release

awesome curl the toes under press up to plank pose take a deep breath in and exhale downward facing dog

take a couple breaths here to work it out pedal the feet really open the elbow creases towards the front of your yoga mat today melt the heart back hug the lower ribs in and when you’re ready anchor through the left heel and inhale lift the right leg up high,


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