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the first prenatal visit can take a little bit of time it is an extensive period where you get to find out about your prenatal care and your physician gets to find out about your healthcare history so although it is long it is certainly worth it as it establishes the course for your medical care thereafter so things that we review during this first visit include your medical history you know again diabetes hypertension or high blood pressure,

anemia history of seizure disorder your surgical history which may actually pertain to your care during your delivery if a c-section is needed for example your family medical history and particularly your obstetric and,

gynecological II want to know about past pregnancies you know still births miscarriages deliveries or terminations your last menstrual period the duration of your cycles for example and other details pertaining to your gynecologic history as well such as abnormal pap smears or history of sexually,

transmitted infections medications are always so important when we like to review them in great detail so,

prescription but also over-the-counter including vitamins and supplements allergies to both drugs or other substances and then it’s a nice period of time during that prenatal visit to review some basic educational aspects of prenatal care including your nutrition exercise substances to avoid and as well as kind of bring up the issue of domestic violence now sometimes people are alarmed when we ask about domestic violence at the first visit this should not be a stigma it is something that we ask every woman every woman who is pregnant it’s a very important time in prenatal care to establish that rapport and to question patients about any situations that may be harmful to them whether it’s at home or in other environments so the prenatal exam in the first visit is also,

very exciting not only because of the physical exam but also because you generally have a first-time ultrasound performed where we actually look at the embryo and we determine ,


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