Yoga for Everyone A Beginner’s Guide – Well Guides

start by turning Altos especially a pinky toe down I’m just giving little baby pulses here as you do this crawl claw crawl claw claw through the fingertips baby pulses with the right heel hug the front body up to meet the back body find that external rotation in the shoulders and lengthen through the crown of the head we’re here for five breathe deep anchor through the left heel for three,

– and slowly release on the one step forward pyramid posture you’re gonna pivot on the back foot just a bit left toes pointing towards the front left corner of the mat pull up through the right hip crease,

inhale define length and exhale to fold one more time just like that inhale define the length and exhale to fold so you can bring the hands to rest maybe you bring them to rest on the earth fingertips on that or maybe bring them around to clasp the right calf as you draw your nose in towards your navel another option would be to interlace the fingertips behind your tail or grab opposite elbows so find a variation here that feels awesome keep strong strong legs here as you breathe deep,

Yoga for Everyone A Beginner’s Guide – Well Guides

nice long full deep breaths and then the next time you exhale slowly release the hands to the earth lift the back heel all the way up shift your front knee over your front ankle and let’s lift up half splits so left inner thigh reaches up towards the sky now you can play around here of course opening up through the hip sending the left toes up high or will work on squaring the hips and sending the left foot out long so this really depends on what you’re working on what you’re trying to balance out on your body today and then for the last cycle of breath we might wrap the arms around the calf again here if that’s not available to you no worries keep the fingertips on the ground breathing deep and then slowly to come out of the posture we’ll release,

bend that left knee in and I’m gonna shoot it all the way out to a nice low lunge open the chest open the shoulders breathe into the front of that left hip crease inhale in and then exhale plant the palms step the right toes back belly to Cobra or chaturanga to updog,

take your time inhale to open the chest feel the abdominal wall those muscles stretch nice and long and then slowly back to downward facing dog,


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